About Us

Bella& Emma  is a brand that prides itself on creating ethnically elegant clothes for little children. Each of which are crafted with the finest  cotton , which is breathable and keeps your precious one comfortable by adjusting to his or her body temperature. All because we understand how important your child is to you.

As a brand, we are proud to be Indian, thanks to our rich history of cotton, which dates back to between 6000 and 5000 BC. Prized for its comfort and versatility, it was the fabric of natural choice for royalty all over the Indian sub-continent. And today, Bella& Emma makes this glorious fabric available to you for your little prince or princess.

Bella & Emma is the creation of a Montessori teacher’s profound love for children. Because after working with kids of all ages, she realized that comfort comes first. We aim to fulfill this need with quality garments that are not only made for babies but also inspired by them.

 Every Collection is  inspired by the vibrant colours of India. Whether it’s a fun day at the beach, a peaceful walk in the park or a casual play date, there’s something for every child in our collection. 

Discover why we have always loved cotton. All over again.